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Bàn nâng hạ thông minh được thiết kế tinh tế, sang trọng, với chức năng nâng hạ độ cao nhờ hệ thống điều khiển thông minh, có tủ bảo vệ tài liệu mã số và quét bảo mật an toàn. Bàn nâng hạ được sử dụng cho nhiều chức năng khác nhau từ ngồi làm việc hay thuyết giảng, hội họp...
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Until now, we have told you various stories about Motion Desk through Fursys blog. Are there some people who still think of the motion desk as just a mysterious desk with adjustable height ? However, Motion Desk is a total working solution desk that implements various functions that a work space must have in the most efficient manner, rather than a simple height-adjustable desk !


In order to complete an efficient work space, in addition to the work space on the desk, various functions useful for work such as wiring, storage, and panel systems are required. However, as you can see if you look at your desk right now, these systems are usually placed as separate modules. Motion Desk is a groundbreaking workstation that combines these separate business systems into one product. By contemplating how to work in a more comfortable and satisfying work environment for users, we realized smart ideas with one desk. Today, I'm going to tell you how MotionDesk has built a complete workstation and three secrets.



As the office environment changes and technology develops accordingly, more and more people are using various electronic devices at work. Therefore, Motion Desk satisfies the needs of users who want to use electronic devices more conveniently and neatly by embedding a multi-tap on the top of the desk. Rather than going under the desk to use a laptop or tablet PC and using the multi-tap on the floor, we connected the power to a multi-tap that can be reached immediately by reaching out during work, reducing unnecessary movement without breaking the flow of work. On the other hand, when not using electricity, it would be better to cover it to make a neat desk, right?

Even if you use electronic devices conveniently by embedding a multi-tab on the top of the desk, you can easily see the wires getting tangled behind the monitor or under the desk. Wires that are not properly arranged like this can cause many problems, such as not only bad aesthetics, but also easily disconnected, and adversely affect the health of users due to the dust accumulated around them. That's why many people use wire cables or rubber bands to tie wires together and organize them. The Motion Desk made it possible to organize wires through the wiring net attached to the lower part of the top



Electric desks are equipped with power lines for power supply due to the feature that the height is automatically adjusted. The vertical wiring duct designed to match the legs of the desk allows users to use the desk conveniently and safely by moving flexibly according to the motion of the motion desk. As such, Motion Desk not only functions as a simple desk, but also considers wiring and storage design to maximize user convenience and create an efficient work space.

Motion desk is designed considering storage, which is an essential element of furniture. Existing drawers and cabinets are arranged according to the physical condition of the seated state, so if you stand up to work, the accessibility and usability are poor, causing a lot of inconvenience. If you put the desktop body under the desk, the inconvenience is doubled. Motion Desk minimizes this inconvenience by attaching the cabinet to the top of the desk rather than placing it on or under the desk. The height of the desk naturally changes according to the movement of the desk without disturbing the user's movement, which makes it easier to store office equipment.

In addition, security is one of the most worrisome things for office workers who are often away from work or on business trips. Usually, the drawer is locked using the key lock that is basically attached to the desk drawer, but this method has the potential to lose the key, and it is not 100% safe as you can unlock the lock without difficulty if you decide to do so. is. Therefore, Motion Desk has enhanced convenience and security by introducing NFC locks as well as numbers and RFID for more reliable security. Keep your important documents simple, fast, but much safer with just one cell phone

MotionDesk's panel system does not miss key functions, but implements it in the most simplified form to create a clean office environment. By installing an acrylic screen instead of the existing divider that prevents employees from communicating smoothly and makes them feel frustrated, it helps to provide a personal space necessary for work and to secure an open view. In addition, by grasping the work patterns of office workers who often write schedules or important items on a partition or panel, a simple memo can be attached using a magnet on the screen, and belongings such as pens and clips can be organized. This is the part where you can see that every single function of Motion Desk was made in consideration of the actual user's position.



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